Recent feedback from some of Francine's clients:


-Nicole - Tewksbury, Massachusetts

"The best gifts in life cannot be bought from a store, they are felt with the heart. On Sunday, Jan. 23rd, I received one of the best gifts in my life. I had the privilege to meet and sit with Francine. She is truly an angel who walks the earth. Never in my life have I felt such peace just sitting with someone. She is the most healing and sincere woman I've ever met. To say that she helped me, is an understatement. She changed my life. For anyone who has any hesitation, please don't..I urge you to listen to your inner-self and go see Francine. She gave me so many answers that I've been searching for..she connected me with my angels, most importantly my deceased mother. She told me things that she could never know about me, my life, or family...Francine truly makes this world a better place, and she can make anyone better emotionally, spiritually, in any aspect in your own life, as a whole... if you give her the chance.. give yourself the chance, it's the best gift you will receive. So Francine, I thank you from the bottom of my heart...all the words in world can't thank you enough for what you have done for me..If I could hug you everyday, I would. And the best part is, that even though I don't see you, I know a part of you is also with me as well...You have left your "footprint" on my soul. Much love.......

-Erica- Gloucester, Massachusetts
“Readings with Francine are absolutely life-changing. From the moment I met her, I felt love and peace in her presence and within her Angel Room. Her gifts are truly God-given, every time I book a reading, I look forward to touching a piece of heaven.”  

-Karen- Danvers, Massachusetts
"My recent reading with Francine Clausen changed my life. She is a truly gifted medium/physic and was able to give me a very accurate yet stunning reading ! I was amazed by what she told me, she can communicate so easily with "the other side", she was able to validate so many incidents that have occurred in my daily life. After leaving her beautiful and very healing "angel room"  I felt uplifted knowing that my loved one who has passed is indeed always with me !

-Catherine -Franklin, Massachusetts
Filled with integrity, love and most of all the sincerest intent to help, Francine’s work has a lasting positive effect on everyone whom she meets. She is the personification of positive, loving and healing energy. She has a generous insightful spirit and is respectful with everyone's spiritual journey. Her commitment to spreading healing and self acceptance has transformed many lives. She is an amazing individual and an honest medium. All these qualities have garnered her much respect not only with her peers, but also her repeat clients and, this why I believe, she will continue to build her vocation for years to come.

-Grace- Gloucester, Massachusetts
"I knew I needed to meet Francine.  I had heard about her through five different people from different pockets of my life about how gifted she was. I had trust in her because I knew she only worked with the most angelic and supportive energy to help bring people healing.  Francine did not know me at all.  However, her gifts are so profound, that as soon as I sat down next to her, she told me the angels were blessing my hands and was I practicing Polarity therapy?  Polarity, an energy healing art, was exactly what I was going to school for. But not only was I going to school for it, I had come with a prayer in my heart wondering whether it was the right path for me. And within a minute I received confirmation.  The session continued like this. It was as though all prayers were being addressed through Francine. She told me she was there to help me spread my own wings and do the work in this world I was meant to. Her words, and direct line of communication with the spirit guides and angels around me, helped me do just that. I am not afraid of my path anymore. I communicate with my angels daily now, and I know Francine's presence in my life was a great great gift to help buoy my spirit and help me feel more whole.  I am really grateful for her.  She is more than just a psychic, or medium; she is an incredibly gifted and warm hearted human being who had the courage to trust her intuition and share it with those of us who needed her help.  She knows she is here to help heal others and she does this work with great generosity and love. I wouldn't recommend anybody else for this type of healing work. I carry her cards with me and hand them out whenever I meet someone who has lost someone, or lost their way. I know that she will take good care of them." 



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